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Mouse Pad

Artist Statement

The artist I did my montage on was Pablo Picasso. I chose Picasso because I’ve heard so much about him and his artwork, but I hadn’t seen any of his artwork. I thought this would be a great way to see his work and experience how his styles differ from other artists. Pablo Picasso did many different styles of paintings he had different eras where he did different styles, one of the most famous is his cubism paintings, there are two different types of cubism which he did, and they were: Analytical Cubism and Synthetic Cubism. He also had the blue period and the rose period.

In my mouse pad I took almost all of his famous painting and put them together using different opacities. I used a couple of pictures twice to create a reflective image and changed the opacity and fill. I used one rectangle in the bottom left corner which has a similar color to the color of the image in the center, and then I used the dissolve effect on the rectangle so that it would cause attraction towards it. On the other corner I used the image of the guitarist to contrast the surrounding images.

Choosing the images for my design were easy, the images I used for the center have a similar color and all the corner images contrast with the images in the center. Another factor was the shape of the images; I used square images in the corners and rectangular images in the center. The computer was a key to the design, anyone can lay image on top of the other, but changing the opacity and fill can only be done on the computer, this creates the blending of the images. Other small features helped too, like the layers palette and the color palette.

At first I was only changing the opacity on the images but when the images started to look like a bunch of scribbling I started to change the fill, which helped add even more contrast to the image than opacity did alone. I think next time I do this; I should use less images than I did on this design and add more difference to the colors.

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Artist Statement

The picture I used for the self-portrait was a picture from tall stacks. I changed the background so it would look a bit more animated, and after that I added some white lines to make it look like I was standing by a window in a building, then I used the bright shape so it would look like it was a sun and the rays were shining down on me. The black ovals come together to create a blimp.

The light blue background goes with the pink shirt and it contrasts with the skin color. The eyes needed an off white color because white would be too bright for eyes. I also used lines to create texture of the cheeks and to shape up the nose. There are darker spots and lighter spots for the differences in skin tone. The hat is white and the Ohio State symbol is white with red lines. I used gray lines to create shape of the bill on the cap, and the roundness of the cap.

The pink shirt has white stripes that go horizontal and cut-off at the collar. Then I added pink lines with higher value to create shape and curves to the collar.

The colors of the image are bright to create a well lighted area. The image shows me standing in a really busy city inside a building where it is quiet because it is closed off by glass. The colors express calmness and me being worry free and happy too. The thing I like the best is the white lines added to the background to create glass between me and outside. The thing I dislike is the skin tone and its contrast with the pink shirt. I think that the skin tone is too dark.

Overall, this project was really fun; the image looks almost identical to the picture. I think this was the best project we did. I wanted to create the bridge in the background but it would of taken a lot of time, there were buildings too, but instead I decided to use the picture of me and create something new.


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